Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch | Encouraging God’s Children with Hope and Love

Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch is a place of hope, encouragement and love where the lives of horses and children are changed.

Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch is a non-profit Christian Youth Ranch.  The goal of the ranch is to reach out to the youth in our community and surrounding areas near Duluth, MN. We offer our horse program to children that would never normally have the chance to ride a horse. Our heart and goal is to offer children the opportunity to come and experience the love, joy and time of being with a horse and a caring adult.



Many children at the beginning of the Strattera course experience side effects - drowsiness, lowering blood pressure (down to syncope), nausea, mydriasis (dilated pupils). They can manifest themselves at different intensities

Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch is a non-profit organization whose purpose is bringing together abused horses in need of healing and children who have a love of horses and are also in need of healing.  Adult volunteers work side by side with the horses and children, helping the children develop a natural love for playing with the horses and building up their character while promoting self-confidence, a healthy work ethic, trusting relationships, respect and love for the animals and each other.





Our hope is to make a positive impact in children lives, using the horses as a instrument of God’s love and grace.


I had an unbearable pain in my hand, which arose without reason. prescribed one tablet of Voltaren in the morning and evening for seven days and a further reduction of the dose by half. Painful feelings have passed. Now the 4th day of my treatment is on, there were no side effects other than diarrhea, but this may not be related to the medicine. I'm satisfied with the effect of Voltaren.

We believe each child and horse has the ability to do certain things well. By pairing the horse to each unique child, it allows these abilities to be drawn out and strengthened.


The ranch brings together hurting horses and hurting children in need of healing so children and horses learn to accept one another and build a bond of trust.


We welcome each child where they are at in their life. We provide the environment for the child and horse to have a positive interaction that builds a bond of trust between them.

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