Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch is a place of hope, encouragement and love where the lives of horses and children are changed.

At Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch kids of all ages can get up close and personal with our amazing horses. Our ranch is completely run by donations so that money is never a barrier for anyone who has the desire to participate.

We begin each individuals session by participating in the care of the horses as well a general ranch operations. Don’t worry if its your child’s first encounter with these lovable giants, our caring key volunteers will make sure that they know everything they need to have a great experience. We get to know your child’s experience level and tailor the riding lessons to fit wherever they are in their development into a skilled horse-person.

Our goal is to provide a safe but exciting experience that will foster self confidence, good work ethics and positive self esteem for life!

The ranch is open Monday through Saturday 10:30 – 4:00. Please call ahead to schedule your visit. You can reach Wendy Krook at 218-428-3580.



Our History

In the spring of 2005, Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch sprouted as a place to care for abused and neglected horses. By deign, the ranch allowed volunteers to come, facilitate, and apply therapeutic healing power to horses. Volunteers found great satisfaction in caring and restoring the horses to good health. That summer of the same year, children arrived at the ranch to work with a trained adult to touch and brush the horses. This was a turning point for volunteers because they recognized the benefit it provided to the children who cared for these equines in need. Several volunteers had experience working with children who were also in need of healing after suffering from low self esteem, neglect, or poor grades. The advantage to participants was apparent; it was therapeutic and beneficial for them to be a part of the healing and caring process of the horses. Many of the horses suffered from starvation, beatings and life without shelter, some of the children that came out to the ranch could relate to what the horses had been through.
By the spring of 2006, it was obvious to volunteers and parents of the children that working with hoses was an incredible and positive experience. Parents sent letters expressing how the ranch improved their child’s life. The connection between the children, the parents, the horses and volunteers, was positive. It became the mission of the ranch to expand their work from caring for horses in need to also working with all youth in need.

By the fall of 2006 Seeds of Hope took root and was officially recognized. Volunteers came together and established a board of directors, and set up a 501c3 nonprofit status, which allowed for a long-term partnership of nurturing the wellbeing of horses and children. Seeds of Hope is in its 8th year of running a non-profit ranch, with over 800 kids coming per summer. It is still run by volunteers who are dedicated to the horses and all kids that come to have the best possible experience at the ranch.

Last August Seeds of Hope was given a 70 acre ranch that has a indoor aren and outside riding arena, barn with stalls, hay barn, trails and lots of pastures and shelters. God has blessed us in more ways than we could have image with the new ranch. It is a prayer that God heard for seven years asking for an indoor arena so the kids wouldn’t be disappointed when winter and rain came and we had to cancel there time riding. The Lord is Faithful and Loving to all who call on Him.

By Wendy Krook

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