Meet Our Horses

FancyHi, I’m Fancy! I was purchased for the kids at the ranch 7 years ago. I am 25 years old which makes me the oldest horse at the ranch. I don’t feel like a old horse, I still have lots of energy. I love to get soft, easy, kind brushing from the kids and I also love apples. When you come to the ranch make sure you come and say hi. My favorite thing is two show off how fast I am for my age, and I especially love riders that are kind and do not pull on my face.






SampsonHi, I’m Sampson! I am a Quarter Paint pony and am about 9 years old. I have been at the ranch for five years. I was purchased for the ranch. I was very fearful when I came, and am less jumpy now. I am very smart, and like to play and learn new tricks. My favorite thing is food. What is unique about me is that being the smallest horse in my pasture, I tend to chase anyone smaller than I am. I know how to play ball too!







Hi, I’m Banjo!
I am a PAO (Pony of America). I am about 13 years old and have been at the ranch for 6 years. I was donated to the ranch for kids to ride while my pasture pals were getting better. My favorite things are resting and eating. What I am famous for is keeping the big horses in the pasture in line. Funny isn’t it. I have developed a lump in my jaw and will need surgery in the Fall to remove that lump.






Hi, I’m Belle!
I am a Tennessee Walker, about 18 years old. I have been at the ranch for three years. My owner was moving so gave me to the ranch. I am much more trusting and less fearful since coming to the ranch, and I am a great horse for the newer, younger riders. I don’t like to have my ears messed with, but listen with them pretty good. My favorite thing is green grass, and lots of love and attention. A unique characteristic of mine is that my lips are moving much of the time when I am being ridden, kind of like I am talking to myself as we go. I’m also famous! I had a book written about me.





Hi, I’m Gaze!
I am a Paint Quarter Horse, about 6 years old. I am the youngest addition to the ranch, have only been here less than two years. I was starving and weak when I came to the ranch, but now I am a much healthier guy. I have healed in a lot of ways, one of them just gaining back to normal weight. My picture is when I was quite a bit under weight, you might not even recognize me now. I am very playful. My favorite thing is the grass on the OTHER side of the fence, and I am unique in that I am one horse who will try to get outside the fence if given any chance. You know, open pasture. I love it here.





Hi, I’m Annie!
I am an Arab who is about 8 years old. I have been at the ranch since I was about 2 years old. I was rescued from a neglectful home. I had some bad knee problems when I came to the ranch, and really needed attention, but I am a lot better now. My favorite thing is attention, you will see me trying to catch your eye and get some attention from you. What is unique about me is that I love being photographed, pose nicely, and I am spunky! My mother is Fancy and she lives at Seeds of Hope Youth Ranch too.





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Loui is a Paint Quarter who loves helping beginner riders learn how to ride and put a smile on their face! 🙌 He is an older horse needing some love back from generous hearts like yours to help fund some needed dental work.

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